Measuring Peace

Peace is one of the most commonly used words in the English language, but ask yourself, what do you actually know about peace? These five facts give an overview of just some of the results the Institute for Economics and Peace has produced over the last few years...

The world is becoming less peaceful…

Despite living in the most peaceful era in human history, the world has become slightly less peaceful over the last 7 years. According to the latest Global Peace Index, since 2008, 111 countries have deteriorated in levels of peace, while only 51 have increased. More

And there are countries at risk of getting worse

There are 500 million people living in countries at risk of falling into instability and conflict. Of them, 200 already live below the poverty line. A new country risk model developed by the Institute for Economics and peace has identified 10 countries most at risk, they are: Zambia, Haiti, Argentina, Chad, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Nepal, Burundi, Georgia, Liberia, Qatar. More

Violence is costing all of us

Violence wreaks havoc on more than our humanity, it has a massive impact on our economy. In one year alone the global cost of violence was US$9.8 trillion, which is around 11.3% of GDP. To put that in perspective, that’s more than the combined GDPs of Japan and Germany. More

And undermining development

As one of our researchers always says: violence is development in reverse. Violent conflict has been the biggest obstacle to states achieving the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations. Increasingly there is a need for a development framework that includes peace as a core objective. More

Cycles of peace

States that reduce their spending on violence free up resources to invest in the institutions that underpin peaceful societies, such as education, health care and infrastructure. This leads to an increased productivity, a reduction in violence and therefore a reduction in violence related spending. This is what we call the virtuous cycle of peace and it is present in the world’s most peaceful countries. More

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