Netherlands Peace World Cup

With the Netherlands gearing up to play Argentina for their place in the finals, the ultimate outcome will be anybody’s guess with the teams having crossed paths four times in the world finals in the past with the Dutch having won two games, Argentina one and the fourth game being a draw.

However, results from the 2014 Global Peace Index clearly suggests when it comes to peace, the Netherlands has already won, being ranked as the 20th most peaceful country in the world, compared with Argentina who in 2014 were ranked at number 43.

The Netherlands has increased in its level of peace and, ranked at 20, is in the top 15% of most peaceful countries in the world. The Netherlands improved performance in peace in 2014 through decreases in exports of major conventional weapons. However, exports of major conventional weapons remains quite high, above the European regional average.

Argentina on the other hand, is one of the most peaceful countries in South America, and a strong performer in the Global Peace Index in 2014. Argentina’s overall level of peace has remained fairly steady since 2008 suggesting it has the potential to maintain and increase levels of peace in the future. Countries with strong regional relationships tend to be more peaceful countries. Argentina has healthy relationships with its neighbours and is a founding member of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). Argentina remains a strong supporter of UN Peacekeeping Missions and is actively participating in operations in Haiti, Cyprus, Western Sahara and the Middle East.

For peace the Netherlands scores lower than Argentina having higher numbers of police and internal security officers and weapons imports. Despite this, Argentina was also found to be less peaceful on a larger number of metrics including homicide, incarceration, perceptions of criminality and their relations with neighbours. In fact, when viewing Argentina’s homicide rate alone, the Netherlands can be clearly seen as the winner, with Argentina’s rate of homicide being five times that of the Netherlands.

In 2013 protecting and dealing with the consequences of violence cost US$21 billion, equivalent to $1,265 per person. However, at 3% of GDP, The Netherlands has a low proportion of spending compared to the rest of the world. Although in total this is higher than Argentina’s violence containment expenditure of $26 billion, Violence Containment Expenditure as a percentage of GDP in Argentina is higher, at 3.4%.   

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