Our top picks: the media coverage of SDG 16 Peace

We’ve collected some of the best articles covering  Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

The Extra Costs of ConflictHelen Clark, Administrator, United Nations Development Program

While conflicts between nations have dramatically decreased since World War II, the number of violent conflicts within countries are cause for great concern. These conflicts are undoing years of development gains, and their impacts are often spilling over borders to destabilize other countries, too. 

U.N.'s global plan urges reluctant countries to give peace a chance, Thompson Reuters

As world leaders meet to adopt a new action plan to combat poverty, inequality and climate change, one goal on the list has proven trickier than the rest - how to achieve the peace and stability needed for progress.

Good governance: the Pandora's box of the sustainable development goals, The Guardian

It might be the trickiest of the 17 UN global goals to pull off, and certainly the hardest to measure, but governance is essential for peace and security

Overwhelming the World with Good, The Huffington Post

We usually think and talk about peace as the absence of bad things. Peace is a lack of war. Peace is a lack of violence. But true peace isn't just the absence of bad; it is the presence of good.

The challenge now remains ahead of us: implementation. Our own Camilla Schippa shared her thoughts on the challenges ahead for measuring Goal 16, writing for Development Policy

Peace and data in the SDGs, Camilla Schippa, for Development Policy

While the fact that peace is now officially recognised as a key development issue is a significant outcome, agreeing on goals and targets is only half the challenge. Improvements in the quality of data collection are vital. While some data already exists, significant investment in raising the capacities of both government and third party data producers will be required.


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