Crimea Crisis Escalates

Ukraine national security has ordered a full military mobilisation in response to the Russian forces in Crimea, a strategic peninsula extending into the Black Sea.

Tension between the neighbouring countries started when the Ukraine’s Russian-leaning president Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in late February in a wave of deadly antigovernment protests.

Today, Arseniy Yatsenyuk accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of declaring war on the Ukraine.

Russian soldiers now continue to occupy strategic bases on the Crimean peninsula, including airports, two military bases and communications towers.

As tension rise around the world, a new dangerous crisis is emerging pitting Russia against the West. Several nations including the UK, US, France and Canada have symbolically suspended preparations for the Sochi Summit, with US President Barack Obama calling the situation “a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty”.

NATO’s Secretary General has accused Russia of threatening peace and security across Europe, with actions that violate the UN charter.

Ukraine and Peace

In 2013, Ukraine’s Global Peace Index score experienced its greatest fall away from peace since 2008, when the country ranked 111 out of a total of 162 countries. This was mainly due to increased levels in the perception of criminality in society, and deteriorating relations with neighboring countries – specifically Russia. Additionally, Ukraine saw levels of terrorist activity, political instability, and military expenditure as a percentage of GDP increase during 2013, with the Political Terror Scale lowering Ukraine’s score as a result of ‘extensive political imprisonment’.

Explore changes to levels of peace in Ukraine since 2008 and compare levels of peace in Russia and Ukraine. 

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