Media Roundup 2015 Global Peace Index

In 2015, the Global Peace Index had the most media coverage to date, with news articles appearing in over 75 countries and reaching over 1 billion people. Here’s a selection of the headlines.

BBC - Conflicts around the world cost $14.3tn last year, 13% of world GDP

CNN - In search of peace? Maybe it's time to move to Iceland

The Guardian - Fighting in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan had wreaked havoc on economies and helped push the level of peace in the world to its lowest since 2008

Forbes – The Most And Least Peaceful Countries Worldwide

The Atlantic - The Inequality of Peace: The gap between countries at peace and war is widening

Bloomberg – The world hasn’t had So many refugees since 1945

Cristian Science Monitor  - Where in the world is peace? A closer look at the four most improved countries

Reuters - The divide between most and least peaceful regions has deepened, with many Middle Eastern and African countries sinking further into violence

CityLab - A global geography of peace (and violence)

El País - México, más violento que hace un año

NZ Herald - New Zealanders live in world's 4th safest nation

The Diplomat - South China Sea a 'potential area for conflict'

Jakarta Post - Peace in Indonesia most improved in Asia-Pacific

North Africa Post - MENA most violent region in the world

The Cairo Post - Egypt records 3rd best peace improvement in 2015: Global Peace Index

Colombia Reports  - Violence has cost Colombia $113.7B: Global Peace Index

Cambodia Daily - Cambodia’s ranking drops in Peace Index but score goes up

The Manila Times - The tense situation in the West Philippine Sea and the infamous Masasapano incident has contributed to drop in the Philippines’ Global Peace Index ranking.


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The 2015 Global Peace Index shows that the world is becoming increasingly divided with some countries enjoying unprecedented levels of peace and prosperity while others spiral further into violence and conflict.

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