Peace Education

Education is one of the crucial ingredients of a peaceful society. In fact, one of the aims of Vision of Humanity is to educate citizens of the world about what creates and sustains a peaceful society through interactive peace maps.

To celebrate the International Day of Teachers, we are happy to share with you free peace education resources developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace (the brains behind Vision of Humanity).

Peace Education Resources

The Building Blocks of Peace are free education resources designed by the Institute for Economics and Peace to help students gain a better appreciation of how peace works. They are a teaching resource which assists high school teachers in peace education, introducing students to peace concepts. The resources apply the Institute's unique methodology, turning theories and frameworks into fun classroom activities.

Until recently, the majority of research on peace studies has focused on ‘negative peace’. This can be understood as the absence of violence and the absence of the fear of violence. In order to better understand the nature of peace, Building Blocks of Peace explores the subject of peace through a different perspective known as ‘Positive Peace’. This can be understood as the attitudes, institutions and structures that when strengthened lead to a more peaceful society.

Building Blocks of Peace

The Building Blocks of Peace consists of 4 modules. These are An Understanding of Peace (factors influencing peacefulness), Peace and Sustainability (focusing on water access and management), Education and Peace (how education supports peace) and Peace and Economics (how peace benefits the economy, business, retail and tourism).

The modules include customized multi-media material, allowing students to explore the interactive Global Peace Index map. The course also includes a range of fun and challenging activities which will enable students to interact with the concepts and language of peace.

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