Media Round Up: GTI 2015

The 2015 Global Terrorism Index informed hundreds of media articles worldwide, providing an accurate analysis of trends in terrorism. Key themes were the rising number of incidents, the deadly impact of Boko Haram and ISIL, and how terrorism drives refugee flows.  

Here is a selection of articles from the 2015 launch.

The Guardian Terrorist killings up by 80% in 2014, fuelling flow of refugees

Humanosphere Terrorism and refugees are linked, but not how you might think

New York Times Boko Haram Ranked Ahead of ISIS for Deadliest Terror Group

The Economist The plague of global terrorism

CNN Boko Haram overtakes ISIS as world's deadliest terror group, report says

The Atlantic The World’s Deadliest Terrorist Organization

EsGlobal A world where terrorism spreads (Spanish) 

Al Arabiya An open-door refugee policy can help fight terrorism

Sydney Morning Herald Terrorism deaths in 2014 the highest on record: Global Terrorism Index 2015

All Africa Nigeria Now Third Most Terrorized Country in the World - Report

The Independent The last year saw the largest ever rise in terrorism

Telegraph Mapped: Which countries suffer the most from terrorism?

Bloomberg Business The Global Economic Cost of Terrorism Is Now at Its Highest Since 9/11

The Hindu Lives lost to terrorism at all-time high

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2015 Global Terrorism Index

Terrorism continues to rise, with over 32,000 people killed in terrorist attacks in 2014, the highest number recorded. Despite being highly concentrated in five countries, terrorism is spreading, with more countries recording attacks and deaths.

Key Facts on Terrorism

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