Human Security Report

The Human Security Report, released today, uses the latest data on global armed conflicts to analyse claims and criticisms of Steve Pinker’s hypothesis that violence around the world has declined.

Pinker’s 2011 study entitled The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why violence has declined is one of the most prominent pieces of research on the state of global violence. It has received both high praises and hostile criticisms from the research community.

To elaborate on this influential research, the Human Security Report discusses the central themes of Pinker’s argument, and thoroughly examines the major claims of critics. It uses up-to-date statistics on armed conflicts since World War II, as well as trends in assaults in the post-Cold War era.

The report tackles some pressing questions, such as: is organised criminal violence a greater threat than war? Was World Word II really the deadliest war in history? Given the fragmented nature of historical data, how can we tell the extent to which early societies were violent?

For answers to these questions, and to read the intriguing discussion on levels of global conflict, we encourage you to download and read the Human Security Report. If you are short on time, take a quick look at the Summary (PDF). 

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