Accountability Framework

In the lead up to the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), discussions are taking place around the world about what the next development agenda will look like and what specific goals should be identified.

The Institute for Economics and Peace (the brains behind Vision of Humanity) is part of an expert reference group focusing on conflict, violence and disaster and the next development agenda. In mid June, IEP met wtih the UNDP, UN Peacebuilding Support Office, UNICEF and the World Bank to determine an accountbaility framework for conflict, violence, governance and disaster within the context of the post-2015 agenda. 

The meeting focused on the question of how conflict, violence, governance and disaster outcomes can be effectively designed and measured in the context of development.

Below is a summary of the main conclusions that were drawn. For more information, download the full report. 

1. Although the agenda is universal, national metrics and timeframes should be adjusted according to context.

2. Develop the capacities for stakeholders to measure progress on mitigating violence. 

3. Harness new technologies to capture data.

4. Peace related communitments in the new framework should be monitored using "baskets" of indicators, as no single indicator can tell the full story.

5. Horizontal inequalities drive conflict and should be addressed using specific data and the maximum disaggregation of indicators.

6. Must develop indicators to track the difference between national average and that of specific social groups and regions. 

7. Need to gain the support of National Statisticis Offices

8. Indicators related to peace and conflict should not be confined to one goal, rather should cut across all goals and targets. 


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