The Virtuous Cycle of Peace

The cycle starts with a reduction in violence containment spending – this can be understood as any expenditure related to preventing or reading with the consequences of violence.

This reduction in spending on violence then free up resources to invest in areas that not only contribute to building and sustaining peace, but that are also more economically prosperous. This includes investment in education, infrastructure, job creation etc.

In turn, this leads to increased productivity, and reductions in violence, which promotes greater wellbeing and less spending on violence.

Reduced spending on violence then feeds back into the cycle.

The virtuous cycle of peace is something that we see is present in the world’s most peaceful countries. For more about this, see our research on The Economic Cost of Violence Containment and The Pillars of Peace.

Read also, Steve Killelea’s OpEd for Project Syndicate on the Peace Prosperity Cycle.

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