Military Expenditure

Military Expenditure as a Percentage of GDP is one of the 23 indicators of peace measured by the Global Peace Index. It is an 'external' indicator of peace, meaning it measures peace outside a country.


Military Expenditure as a Percentage of GDP is a quantitative measure of the amount spent by central governments on their armed forces, including paramilitary forces and support costs, as a percentage of a country’s Gross Domestic Product.


Military Expenditure as a Percentage of GDP is scored on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

In countries that score 1, military expenditure forms 3.11% or less of GDP.

In countries that score 5, military expenditure forms 12.97% or more of GDP.


Military Expenditure as a Percentage of GDP is a quantitative measurement, with data sourced from the International Institute for Strategic Studies. GDP figures were sourced from published data by the Economist Intelligence Unit, or the World Bank when unavailable.

Other Global Peace Index Indicators

The Global Peace Index is comprised of 23 indicators that measure the existence or absence of violence or the fear of violence. These include:

Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict

External Conflicts Fought

Internal Conflicts Fought

Deaths from External Conflict

Deaths from Internal Conflict

Intensity of Internal Conflict

Neighbouring Countries Relations

Societal safety and security

Perceptions of Criminality

Displaced People

Political Instability

Political Terror

Terrorism Impact


Violent Crime

Violent Demonstrations


Security Officers and Police


Military Expenditure

Armed Services Personnel

Weapons Imports

Weapons Exports

UN Peacekeeping Funding

Nuclear and Heavy Weapons

Access to Weapons

Global Peace Index methdology 

Find out more about how the Global Peace Index is constructed, what it measures and what the results show in the Global Peace Index Report

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