Global Peace Index Report 2012

The 2012 Global Peace Index (GPI) has found that all regions excluding the Middle East and North Africa saw improvements in levels of overall peacefulness. The 2012 GPI is the sixth edition of the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness.

The GPI ranks 158 nations using 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators which gauge ongoing domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society and militarization.



For the first time, Sub-Saharan Africa is not the least peaceful region and has steadily increased levels of peacefulness since 2007. The Middle East and North Africa is now the least peaceful region, reflecting the upheaval and instability caused by the Arab Spring. For the sixth consecutive year, Western Europe remains markedly the most peaceful region with the majority of its countries in the top 20. The Asia Pacific regions’ overall score improved by the largest extent from last year and included three of the top five risers. North America experienced a slight improvement, continuing a trend since 2007. Latin America experienced overall gain with 16 of the 23 countries seeing improvements to their GPI score.

Economic Impact

If the world was completely peaceful in 2011, the additional economic impact would have been an estimated US$9 trillion, which is equal to the size of the German and Japanese economies combined. While a total elimination of violence may not be possible an achievable 25% reduction in violence could reap a peace dividend of at least US$2.25 trillion.

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