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Peace made headlines in Mexico last month as the 2013 Mexico Peace Index showed that peace in Mexico has been on the rise over the last two years. 

Members of the Institute for Economics and Peace (the brains behind Vision of Humanity) flew to Mexico to talk all things peace with members of government, NGOs, journalist and more. The Index was launched at a press conference early on the morning of the 28th, and was analysed in more detail and a panel discussion that night. 

Speaking at the launch, Steve Killelea, Founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace said: “compared to other countries with a similar level of conflict and development, Mexico has the greatest potential to increase its peace on account of the strength of the structures, attitudes and institutions that sustain peace in the long term."

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Panel Discussion

On the evening of the 28th of November, peace in Mexico was debated and analysed at a panel discussion in Mexico City. The discussion was attended by government officials, academics, data gurus, leaders in the field of peace, journalists and more.

Members of the panel included Edna Jamie from Mexico Evalua, Alejandro Hope from IMCO and Ernesto Lopez Portillo from INSyDE. The discussion was moderated by one of Latin America’s most prominent journalists Javier Sol√≥rzano.



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