Peacekeeping and Central African Republic

The UN security council has voted to send peacekeepers into the Central African Republic (CAR) in an attempt to stop the violence between members of the Muslim and Christian communities.

The rise in levels of conflict in CAR has left hundreds of thousands of people displaced and almost 2.2 million- half the population- in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

In an OpEd of the Washington Post earlier this week, UN Secretary General said:

The implosion of the State has created a set of challenges that is undermining stability and security across an already-fragile region.

Peacekeeping and CAR

On the 11th of April, the security council unanimously adopted resolution 2149 which authorises the implementation of a one year Peacekeeping mission, MINUSCA, to the Central African Republic (CAR). In the resolution, the security council expressed deep concern about the security situation in the country and the mandate provided is mainly to protect civilians, support transition processes, promote and protect human rights as well as facilitation of humanitarian access. The United Nations Peacekeeping mission aims to have around 12,000 military and police personnel in CAR by mid-September, and MINUSCA will then officially take over from the earlier African Union led support mission MISCA.

Peace and Conflict in CAR

In the 2013 edition of the Global Peace Index, the Central African Republic declined in peacefulness, following a six year trend that has seen it deteriorate in rank, specifically since 2011. This year, CAR received the worst possible score for 1 external, and 6 internal indicators, meaning it ranked alongside the world’s ten least peaceful countries, just above North Korea, and a full 16 ranks below neighboring Chad in terms of its overall peacefulness.

Find out more about levels of peace in the Central African Republic, and compare to neighbouring states SudanChadCameroon.

What is the CAR conflict about?

Find out more about the background and causes related to the current conflict in the Central African Republic written by Vision of Humanity correspondent Natalia Benghin

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