Conversation with Steve Killelea

Switch off, listen up and tune in to hear Steve Killelea give a lengthy interview with David Gibbons on all this peace. The interview aired on Universal One Broadcast on the 17th of August.

Listen to the interview.

We’re thrilled that Steve could be a part of this interesting interview series that provides “narratives for the discerning connoisseur of deep dialogue”.

To compliment this interview we have gathered a few interesting facts about Steve and his journey to creating the Institute for Economics and Peace, and the Global Peace Index.

About Steve Killelea

Steve Killelea is an Australian entrepreneur, philanthropist and peace activist. He started his career in IT and after doing a crash course in computing (and working exceptionally hard) he ended up developing ground-breaking new software products which threw him, and his organisation, onto the international stage. He later founded the software company Integrated Research, of which he remains Chairman of the Board.  

After a huge success in the IT world, Steve spent a bit of time travelling around West Africa and was shocked to see the levels of violence and conflict. As a business minded entrepreneur, he sought to understand what are the most and least peaceful countries in the world, and what we can do to create a more peaceful world. This led him to develop four key projects that have been instrumental in the pursuit of peace: The Charitable Foundation, The Global Peace Index, The Institute for Economics and Peace and Soldiers of Peace.

In 2000 Steve sought to provide immediate relief to those suffering from direct and indirect violence, and he founded The Charitable Foundation, which continues to fund hundreds of project that support the world’s most vulnerable people. To date, the Charitable Foundation has provided much needed support and assistance to around 2.6 million people. Steve remains one of Australia's biggest private overseas aid providers.

In 2007 he created the Global Peace Index, the first ever attempt to quantify peace and to rank the nations of the world according to their peacefulness. As the significance of this research became increasingly evident, Steve founded the Institute for Economics and Peace to house the Global Peace Index, so that rigorous peace research might continue. The Institute for Economics and Peace has a long term goal: to understand what makes societies peaceful and to inform the policies and actions we need in order to achieve this.

In 2008 Steve produced a multi-award winning documentary, the Soldiers of Peace, which highlights the power that individuals and groups can on peace at the local, national and global level. The documentary features celebrities such as Bob Geldof, Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gareth Evans; it is narrated by Michael Douglas and had screenings in over 20 countries.

These are just a few highlights from Steve’s career and unwavering dedication to creating a more peaceful world. We hope this wets your appetite for the longer and more in-depth conversation with David Gibbons - listen to the interview at Universal One Broadcast.

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