2015 Global Terrorism Index Media Pack


Now in its third year, the Global Terrorism Index, developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace is a comprehensive summary of the impact of terrorism in 162 countries (covering 99% of the world’s population) in terms of lives lost, injuries, property damage and number of incidents. It investigates the patterns of terrorism by geographic activity, methods of attack, organisations involved and the national economic and political context.

This year’s edition includes further analysis on the drivers of terrorism, the impact of terrorism in the areas international jihadist groups have labelled as the West, as well as estimates of the economic costs of terrorism. In addition, it features essays from leading academics and applied researchers to help contextualise terrorism and provide approaches to countering terrorism and violent extremism.


2015 Global Terrorism Index English (pdf)
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Global Terrorism Index interactive map
Global Terrorism Index Report
Key Facts and Highlights


2015 Global Terrorism Index Rankings (download jpeg)






2015 Global Terrorism Index Map (download jpg)




2014 Global Terrorism Incidents Map: The twenty most fatal attacks in 2014 (download png)

2014 Global Terrorism Incidents Map (download png)

Deaths from Terrorism 2000-2014 (download png)

Boko Haram and ISIL in numbers (download png)

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The Global Terrorism Index is developed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, and based on the Global Terrorism database aggregated by START at the University of Maryland. The indicators include the number of terrorist incidents, fatalities, injuries and property damage.


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