Peace and Poverty

There is an urgent need to eradicate all forms of poverty around the world. As peace activist Mahatma Gandhi said, “poverty is the worst form of violence”.

Research from the Institute for Economics and Peace, the brains behind Vision of Humanity, shows that countries with high levels of poverty are generally less peaceful.

Furthermore, the 2014 Global Peace Index report showed that there are currently 500 million people living in countries at risk of becoming less peaceful. Of them, 200 million already live below the poverty line are particularly vulnerable to deteriorations in security.

There is a crucial need to support these countries, and others, in order to lead them away from conflict and towards a more peaceful and economically prosperous future. By investing in the Pillars of Peace, that is the attitudes, structures and institutions underpin peaceful societies, we can create a more peaceful and economically prosperous future.

For more on this research, see the 2014 Global Peace Index section on Country Risk Analysis, or check out our Pillars of Peace Report.

About the International Eradication of Poverty Day

October 17th 2014 is International Eradication of Poverty Day (IEPD). Since 1993, IEPD has raised awareness of the need to eliminate poverty and destitution. “On this day, we recommit to think, decide and act together to plan for a world where no one is left behind”, said UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, “Our aim must be prosperity for all, not just a few”.

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