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Is Mexico becoming more or less peaceful? How have levels of violence changed since President Enrique Peña Nieto came in to power at the end of 2012? Find out on the 19th of March when we release the 2015 Mexico Peace Index

The next edition of the Mexico Peace Index analyses the complex fabric of peace in all 32 Mexican states and provides an up-to-date analysis of the social, economic and political factors that are shaping peace and conflict.

While we can’t reveal any of the results yet, what we can tell you is that we have something new and exciting in store. The Mexico Peace Index this year will include a positive peace index – meaning that we are not only analysing the current state of peace in Mexico, but also the supporting attitudes, structures and institutions that could lead states away from violence and towards a more stable and peaceful future. In other words: we can start to understand what states need to do in order to become more peaceful.

Stay tuned for more information and be sure to join us on the 19th of March when we release the 2015 Mexico Peace Index. Follow @GlobPeaceIndex on twitter and like Global Peace Index on Facebook for the very latest. Media inquiries please contact

2013 Mexico Peace Index

The first Mexico Peace Index was released by the Institute for Economics and Peace in 2013. The research found that the decade preceding the 2013 Mexico Peace Index saw a marked increase in direct violence as a result of the drug war, with peace declining nationwide by around 27%. A key factor was the sharp increase in the homicide rate. One of the greatest challenges facing Mexico at the time was corruption, with about 90% people perceiving the police and other government officials as corrupt.

What will the 2015 Mexico Peace Index results show? Find out on the 19th of March.


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