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The five important Peacebuilding Cornerstones within it all represent a critically necessary shift in direction for our nation and world. The good news is that the programs and work described within are already happening all over the world, and proving to be highly effective at building peace. It’s just not at the scale we need. Yet…

Peacebuilding is our next frontier.

Empowering Community Peacebuilding: Supporting comprehensive activities and strategies in communities working to address such challenges as crime, violence, and gangs. Effective programs may include hands on street outreach and intervention, mental health services, out-of-school programs, police/community relations, and arts-based practices.

Teaching Peace in Schools: Bringing into our schools conflict resolution curricula with tools such as social-emotional learning, communication techniques, restorative processes, mindfulness and other proven peacebuilding skills to increase graduation rates and transform violence, bullying, truancy, and other challenges facing youth.

Humanizing Justice Systems: Moving away from overly punitive policies, toward healing-oriented criminal and juvenile justice approaches. Restorative justice, diversion/alternative incarceration programs, and prisoner rehabilitation & re-entry programs are among the most promising solutions.

Cultivating Personal Peace: Integrating peace in our own lives, with our children, in our relationships, in the workplace, and in our approach to activism, through such methods as as compassionate communication, mindfulness, empathy, and stress reduction.

Fostering International Peace: Championing peacebuilding approaches to international conflict and atrocity prevention in hotspots through mediation, diplomacy, and effective on-the-ground programs. Important components may involve development, post conflict justice, humanitarian aid, mediation and support for frameworks necessary for democratic processes.

As a society, these are areas in which we must invest our time, money and energy. We see in the news everyday the challenges we face with conflict and violence. It’s time to support critical policy shifts and empower the great on-the-ground peacebuilding programs already happening all over the world.  

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