United Nations Day

Today is United Nations Day, a day for celebrating the many ways the UN makes a difference to people all over the world. October 24th marks the founding of the UN in 1945; this year is the 69th anniversary of the organisation.

The Institute for Economics and Peace, the brains behind Vision of Humanity, works closely with many UN agencies, programmes and departments and shares a common goal of working towards a more peaceful future.

Director of the Institute, Camilla Schippa, worked in the UN Secretariat in New York for over 10 years before joining IEP. Speaking about UN Day, Camilla says:

Now, more than ever, the work of the United Nations is needed in pursuing non-violent resolutions to current conflicts and laying the foundations for a more peaceful future.

UN Day will be celebrated with a concert by world renowned pianist and UN Messenger of Peace Land Lang. Lang Lang will perform with an international youth orchestra, highlighting the UN focus on youth and education of global citizens (check out live stream 19:00 EDT).

If you can’t be there in person, you can celebrate digitally using the tag #UNDay. 

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