Business and Peace

Camilla Schippa, Director of the Institute for Economics and Peace (the brains behind Vision of Humanity) spoke at the inaugural Business for Peace event hosted by the United Nations Global Compact this September.

The event is centred on the notion that business cannot exist in societies in conflict, and that peace provides a key foundation for economic development. This concept underpins the work of the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Speaking at the conference, Camilla Schippa highlighted three main areas of the Institute for Economics and Peace that are crucial to our understanding of peace and business. They include:

The Economic Cost of Violence

The Economic Cost of Violence Containment, calculates the cost of violence containment in over 150 countries according to 13 different types of violence related spending. The research shows that the economic impact of violence has surpassed the combined economies of Japan and Germany.

The research allows us to evaluate violence related spending the same way we would any other spending, such as healthcare and education. It also highlights that countries which spend more on violence tend to be less peaceful.

For more on the cost of violence – download the Economic Cost of Violence Containment Report.

Country Risk Analysis

The Institute for Economics and Peace has developed a country risk analysis tool which was released with the 2014 Global Peace Index.  The research provides new statistical modelling techniques to identify the 10 countries most threatened by increased levels of unrest and violence. It will also encourage early investment in those countries that need it the most as they are emerging from conflict.

For more on country risk analysis – download the 2014 Global Peace Index report and skip to page 55.

Positive Peace and Business

A sound business environment is one of the eight “Pillars of Peace” that describe the attitudes, structures and institutions that underpin peaceful societies. Business provides employment, which is instrumental in providing a viable taxation base, the productive use of human capital, and provides the ability for individuals to access financial capital. It also provides a non-violent and productive means of enhancing an individual and community’s well-being.

For more on positive peace and business – download the Pillars of Peace Report and skip to page 17.

Business and Economics of Peace

The next Academic Conference presented by the Institute for Economics and Peace will take place in Washington DC next April with the Kogod School of Business at American University. The conference will focus on four key themes: Economics, Business and Peace, Measuring Peace, the Analysis and Management of Risk, and Resilient Societies: Promoting Positive Peace.

For more on this – see the conference website



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